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Photo Credit: Brianne Bland Photography


WELCOME! Before my career as a videographer, I was a professional modern dancer who never stopped moving to the music.  I earned a Master of Fine Arts degree from Florida State University’s Department of Dance, with a special emphasis on dance technology.  It was during the course of these studies that I fell in love with the art of videography and editing.  I found myself spending hours choreographing images and visuals rather than bodies.  Since graduation, I moved to Maryland and founded my own company as a free-lance videographer/editor. I feel blessed I have been able to create a life I love filled with art, artists, creativity, expression, and storytelling.  My background in dance and passion for movement brings a unique approach to my videography style.


I am a wife, daughter, sister, and mother of two incredible humans.  Originally from northern Florida, I love humidity, thunderstorms, salt water, Spanish moss, and dolphins.  I am devoted to yoga and mindfulness and compassion for all beings.  I love to dance, to connect with nature, eat spicy food, travel, and explore the Earth and its people.



I love nothing more than connecting and partnering with artists, to tell their story and represent their art to highest degree. 

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